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Complement the tranquility of your stay with the tours offered by the Buggy riders Assocition of Sao Miguel do Gostoso. Departing from Xêpa beach to Galinhos, North or Jacuma, South, one will have an unforgetable experience.
On the ride to Galinhos beach, North, you will enjoy the scenary through the baches of Tourinhos (one of the most beauctiful and therefore most visited due to its pretrified cliff), Marco (disputed to be the beach where the Portuguese first set foot on the continent), Exú Queimado, Sarafim (beach appropriate for a swim), São Bento, Caiçara, Galos e finally Galinhos. This tour takes approximately 8 hours.
On the hand, Jacumã, Land of the Dunes, you will be stuned by the Calcanhar lighthouse, the biggest of South America, Touros, Carnaubinha, Peróbas, Rio do Fogo, Zumbi, Punaú, Pititinga, Maracajaú, Caraúbas, Cabo de São Roque, praia de Maxaranguápe, crossing over the Maxaranguápe river on a ferry, Muriú and you will end this trip with the emotions from the ride over the dunes in Jacumã. This tour also takes 8 hours. Under consultation, we can also provide some other rides and tours.

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