Ma-Noa Park


Ma-Noa Park is the result of great planning conducted between 1997 and 1998. The choice of location – Maracajaú Beach, north coast of Rio Grande do Norte State – was prompted by the absence, up to that time, the a support structure for receiving visitors who came to the site to enjoy the lush natural beauty the area offers both on sea and on land. In order to provide entertainment and joy with quality for all age groups, the Ma-Noa Park opened in 12/1999. It offers today’s customer in an area of 60,000m² variety of entertainment such as water slides, river with rapids to ride with float and artificial waterfalls. Arthouse offer services aimed at providing greater comfort and convenience to customers. Currently the Ma-Noa has the capacity to serve 1,800 people daily. A visit to Ma-Noa Park is certainly synonymous with a lot of fun and joy.

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